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Industrial design

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Industrial design focuses on the creation of products intended for industrial engineering production, laboratory equipment and means of transport. The goal is to create competitive products that combine aesthetics, functionality, user-friendliness and economic sustainability.
When designing industrial design, we take into account the needs of customers and also try to take into account the aesthetic point of view, ergonomics, used materials and available technologies. We want to achieve the most efficient and sustainable result possible.
Aesthetics is an important element of industrial design because a pleasant and attractive appearance of a product can increase its value and appeal to customers. At the same time, however, we do not forget about functionality, which is key to the correct use of the product and satisfying the needs of users.
Another aspect we deal with is ergonomics. We design products with user comfort and safety in mind. Ergonomically designed products minimize the risk of injuries and contribute to a better user experience.
Materials and technology also play an important role in industrial design. We select the most suitable materials for the given product, which meet the requirements for strength, durability and aesthetics. At the same time, we use modern technologies that enable more efficient production and reduce the negative impact on the environment.
The ultimate goal of our industrial design is to create products that not only fulfill their purpose and satisfy customer needs, but are also attractive, functional, user-friendly and economically sustainable. We want to contribute to the development of innovative and quality products that will have a positive impact on users, society and the environment.

Industrial design

"Industrial design plays a key role in strengthening the brand and increasing the attractiveness of products in the market."

Návrh designu  | VisionFolk - Design Studio


3D koncepční CAD model


Prototyp návrhu designu produktu


Realizace finálního designu -  VisionFolk-Design Studio


Industrial design

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