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A set of steps leading to the successful completion of a project. These steps include:

VisionFolk Design Studio

 Náčrt-Idea a koncept VisionFolk-DesignStudio

Briefing and information gathering

The most important step for us is understanding the client's needs and goals. Our studio creates a briefing with the client and obtains as much information as possible about the product, its intended purpose and target group. A thorough understanding of what the client expects from the design is key to successful product creation.


Prototype and testing

Based on the concept, we create a prototype in 3D, which will allow us to test and verify the functionality and ergonomics of the product. Typically, several prototypes will need to be created and several iterations performed before the product is finalized to verify functionality and ergonomics. Creating a prototype allows the client to see and understand the product before it is manufactured.

VisionFolk-DesignStudio - Zavedení na trh a podpora propagace designu

Market introduction and promotion support

When the product is ready,   we will help promote it and bring it to market. This may include creating a marketing campaign, promoting the product on social media, and working with sales partners.


Research and analysis

In this phase, we conduct research and analysis of the market, competition and consumers. This helps identify market opportunities and consumer needs. We will also analyze the materials and technologies that can be used in product development.


Production and production

After verifying the functionality and ergonomics  of the project, we will prepare the final technical design documentation in cooperation with your design or manufacturing companies involved in the production of the product.

VisionFolk-Design Studio - Náčrt, Idea, koncept

Based on the information obtained, we will create the first concept sketches of the product. These studies are tailored to the client's needs and goals and take into account consumer requirements. After completing the sketches, we create an already elaborate concept that defines the visual and functional properties of the product. We focus on the visual side of the product to make it aesthetically appealing and consistent with the overall brand look. 

VisionFolk-DesignStudio - Produkční dozor supervize designu

Production supervision

We will provide supervision of the production process to ensure the quality and maintain the original idea until the product is manufactured.

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