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Our story

We are a multidisciplinary creative design studio specializing in industrial and product design.

We help our clients to create attractive and functional products that bring innovation and competitive advantage in the market. We are looking for innovative new solutions to help our clients achieve success.
We believe in the power of simplicity. Quality design is the key to the success of any product. Our designs not only look great, but also facilitate and improve the user experience. 

garden hose nozzle - industrial design render
Radek Micka - Creative DesignerVisionFolk je kreativní studio průmyslového designu a inovace. Průmyslový a produktový design výrobků. Specializujeme se na inovativní, futuristické návrhy, funkčních výrobků a jejich vývoj v oblasti strojírenství, dopravy a techniky. Fotorealistické vizualizace produktu v interiéru či exteriéru.

Ing. Radek Micka

Creative designer

Graduate: Industrial Design in Engineering

 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering -

Technical University Brno

Our values


A well-designed and functional product   will bring value and satisfaction to customers


A sustainable product should minimize its negative impact on the environment


The ability to see things from different angles and think outside of common stereotypes


 Simplicity and


Virtual reality headset design sketch návrh designu headsetu  virtuální reality


Motorcycle dashboard design


Proces designového návrhu


VisionFolk-Design Studio_LIBS_AtomTrace



From the initial sketch to the realization of a new project "

Product design

  • Smart Home products  product design for smart homes such as smart thermostats, lighting, security cameras and more.

  • Ecological product design  products that are designed to minimize environmental impact and contribute to sustainability.

  • Healthcare product design- products that help patients with various health needs, such as rehabilitation aids or medical devices.

  • Design for 3D printing- use of 3D printing for the production of prototypes and final products.

  • Design for virtual reality virtual and augmented reality product design that allows users to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world.

  • Mobile product design product design for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.

  • Interactive product design products that allow interaction with the user and are designed to create an experience and improve the user experience.

design židle origami

Product designs including consumer goods, electronics, furniture, transportation and many more

strojírenský design - pekařských pecí

Design of products for industrial production such as electronics, consumer goods, furniture, means of transportation and more.



We will make a prototype of the product to  test all its features.

Industrial design

Design of products for industrial production,engineering, laboratory equipment, electronics, consumer goods, furniture, means of transport and others.

Packaging design and sticker design

We will help design a unique product packaging design or sticker that will make your car or motorcycle  original and guaranteed to be the center of attention.

3D model

If you have an idea that needs to be developed. We will develop the product for you through the  3D model.


We will make a prototype of the product  k  to test all its properties.

3D Printing

 FDM and SLA 3D Printing 

We will develop photorealistic visualizations  of the product in the environment. Studio shots, product placed in buildings  interior or exterior.

We will create an engaging animation of your  product and its presentation through a video or a short moving gif. Table turning or 360 views for the Eshop.


Creation of visual identity - logotype, header and web design.

Utility ceramics - decorations and dishes for the home..

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